Staying Together – Review and Tips

Staying Together is a new and cute game by the developers Naquatic. This game is FREE and available in the App Store for iPhone/iPad and iPod that takes you on a magical journey through a stunning game made for mobile.

Staying together

Staying Together will take you on a mystical journey in this multi-character puzzle plat-former. Good thing about this game is that your not just controlling one character but two, So this adds a different element to mobile gaming with a twist. Though you may think you would be able to switch from character to character, But wait your wrong you are to control the characters in unison to reunite one another. Now its sounds hard right? Right. With the careful planning and your smarts will you be able to reunite these lovers together un-hurt and unscaved.

As the developer says you are able to explore the Staying Together  hand-crafted worlds loaded with obstacles, traps and collectables. All in all its a different yet fun game with a 67mb free download you will be thank us later. Go on, Enjoy the game and don’t forget to share with your friends who you might think would enjoy this.

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