Star Wars: Force Arena – Luke Use Ben Kenobi Or Not?Needing help or just looking for all the tips and tricks for the fun new game by Netmarble Games? Lucky we’ve come to the rescue and bring you all the cheats and solutions. It’s your turn to lead a team of Star Wars characters, Yes including Rouge One. In this game you can battle players from around the world from a roster squad of over 80 different upgradable characters and unites to battle dominance. You can play by yourself or invite a bunch of friends over in PvP battles which will really put your knowledge to the test.

Lucky this game is downloadable on iOS and Android on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for free. Hurry up and download this fun and addicting game now and enjoy our walkthrough guide which will help you solve the game.

Star Wars: Force Arena – Luke Use Ben Kenobi Or Not?

SWFA gameplay of Luke Skywalker and discussion of using Ben Kenobi or not.

Force Arena – Use Ben Kenobi Or Not?