Square It! for iOS and Android Review and Game Guide

Square it

This is the best game to relieve stress with. It has a pure and relaxing gameplay together with a smart combination of color schemes and sound. You need to fill an area with squares without leaving any empty spaces. This game may seem difficult when you first try it but your brain will gradually develop a technique of solving puzzles. This game is quite relaxing and fun. Those who have tried out this game describe it as an addictive Zen game that is ideal for training the mind how to focus and concentrate. It gets rid of all tension and pressure.

square it
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How to play

Drag your fingers in all directions; up, down, left and right. Look at how the square behaves and fill the area without leaving blank spaces. When you finish, a check mark will emerge and you can share your design to any social network of your choice.

In case you did a wrong move, click on the restart button at the bottom and square it all again. Advanced levels may have two squares, moving at the same time. A special teleportation has also been introduced, enabling you to jump your square to another location on the game field.

This game is free and available for android devices.

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