Spell n Link Answers and Cheats All Levels

Want help answering the Spell n Link Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs? Luckily we’ve solved each …

Want help answering the Spell n Link Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs? Luckily we’ve solved each and every level to help you progress your way through this fun yet tricky game that you’ll find hard to put down. Developed by Mochibits, Spell n Link is a guess brain game that you can pick up from the iTunes App Store, Amazon App Store, Windows Market Place and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices for free.

How well do you know your trivia? Putting your brain to the test is a great way to challenge you mentally. If you’re up for a fun and addicting game that look no further than Spell n Link. If you’re ready to jump straight into the Answers, Cheats and Solutions for Spell n Link on every level and packs for iOS and Android. Let’s begin.

Spell n Link Answers:

Spell n Link Answers Level 1

#1-1: Four: is one less than: Five
#1-2: Same: is like: Similar
#1-3: Mood: in Reverse is: Doom
#1-4: Link: What you do When you make a: Connection
#1-5: Food: is often more delicious when I’m: Hungry
#1-6: Hour: one is equal to _____ Minutes: Sixty
#1-7: Make: is another word for: Build
#1-8: Last: is the Opposite of: First
#1-9: Heat: is Usually needed to: Cool
#1-10: rain: ____ Down: Falls

#1-11: Word: is something you can: Spell
#1-12: Hard: is what it is when you find it: Difficult
#1-13: Plum: Another word you can make with the same letter is: Lump
#1-14: Easy: is what it is when you immediately see the: Solution
#1-15: Foot: one is equal to twelve: Inches
#1-16: Sort: another word for this is: Group
#1-17: Sing: What a _____ does: Vocalist
#1-18: Have: Implies a sense of: Ownership
#1-19: Them: can be associated with any group that doesn’t include: Myself
#1-20: Done: When you are: Finished

Spell n Link Answers Level 2

#2-1: Yolk Yolk: they sound the same but have _____ Meanings: Different
#2-2: Bought Buy: one is the tense of the other: Past
#2-3: Blue Black: Color related to a: Bruise
#2-4: Wet Paint: Words of: Warning
#2-5: Water Oil: Don’t: Mix
#2-6: Lost Found: are: Opposites
#2-7: Moon Stars- are visible to the naked eye at: Night
#2-8: First Gold: marks of a: Winner
#2-9: Sword Pen: one is ____ than the other: Mightier
#2-10: Pole Vault: a ____ and field event: Track

#2-11: First Name: Bond: James
#2-12: Double Two: each is twice more than: One
#2-13: House full: when you have a three of a kind and a pair in: Poker
#2-14: Bye Hello: How one can start and end a ___ Conversation: Phone
#2-15: Bread Jam: is a drink with these two items: Tea
#2-16: Free Style: together can be associated with: Swimming
#2-17: Elm Fir Oak: are kinds of: Trees
#2-18: Pore Pour: Alike: Sound
#2-19: Open Close: what you do with a: Door
#2-20: True True: This is a lie, is a: Paradox

Spell n Link Answers Level 3

#3-1: Quick Fast: Opposites of: Slow
#3-2: Jack Black: is ____ Plus One: Twenty
#3-3: Mouse Mice: this is an example of an ____ Noun: Irregular
#3-4: Paws Pause: Are: Homophones
#3-5: are ear era: They all use the same ____ letters: Three
#3-6: Face Hands: what you may see on a: Clock
#3-7: Plane Bird: People seem to mistake ___ for them: Superman
#3-8: Power Keg: Individually safe together: Dangerous
#3-9: Rainy Dry: are seasons in a ______ Climate: Tropical
#3-10: Pole North: Where ____ is supposed to reside: Santa

#3-11: war peace: are: Antonyms
#3-12: Wax Gas Oil: Can ___ fire: Fuel
#3-13: Run Sprint: Faster than a: Jog
#3-14: Bow Arrow: Tools of: Cupid
#3-15: Tea Coffee: are normally hot: Drinks
#3-16: Blind Spot: what we should ___ out for since we sometimes can’t see it: Watch
#3-17: Bull Sheep: When Compounded with ___ it becomes one: Dog
#3-18: Period Dot: Each make a: poont
#3-19: Right Left: can be provided as: Direction
#3-20: Pizza Tire: are both commonly known to be: Round

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