Slice Words Answers for Level 19 Wheel

Slice Words Wheel Answers, Cheats and Solutions for level 19. Slice Words is very similar to Wordbrain in which the user must try and restore the crossword puzzle by the clue provided. These can get tricky and this is why we’ve compiled a list with all the 100 levels which are currently in-game. Slice Words can be picked up from the iTunes App Store for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and from the Google Play Store for your Android device.

Slice Words is tricky and contains 100 levels. To make this easy we’ve put all the answers in a dropdown menu just below this. So you’re stuck on a specific level? Not to worry, You can go there directly. Lets begin the Slice Words Answers, Cheats and Solutions now.

Slice Words Level 19 Answers:

CLUE: Wheel
Answers: Friction, Compressor, Tyre, Puncture, Bicycle and Fortune

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