Sletters Answers and Cheats for All Levels and Packs

Sletters – Word Puzzles Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs. We’ve solved each and every stage and pack to bring you a full walkthrough guide of all levels. This game is created by Diverso Games and is available for iOS and Android devices. This is an extremely and new take on fun word trivia games and we think you’ll enjoy it to.

You can head on over to the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store on your iPhone, iPod or iPad as well as Android devices and download this game for free. Sletters is a game in which you create words by sliding puzzle pieces to form the correct answer. This is a great way to not only have fun but also exercise your mind. You can solve the puzzles by having the word in any direction with unlimited amount of time. We’ve got you covered with the Sletters – Word Puzzles, Riddles & Brain Teasers Solutions and Walkthrough.

Sletters Answers for Level 1 – Good

Level 1: Hi
Level 2: Can, You
Level 3: See
Level 4: How, To
Level 5: Play

Level 6: Yes
Level 7: It, Is, Easy
Level 8: Or, Very, Hard
Level 9: But, Swap, Can, Help
Level 10: Try, This, Word, Game

Choose a Level:

level-1-goodlevel-2-words level-3-are level-4-worth level-5-much level-6-and

level-7-cost level-8-little

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