Slayin for iOS – Review, Tips and Cheats

Are you ready to experience the worlds first endless action RPG game? Sit tight and enjoy this weeks iTunes App Store App of The Week: Slayin. Slayin is a decently oldish game which was released in 2013 by the guys at FDG Entertainment.

Slayin will not only test your skills but will also test your likeliness to fun and addicting games. Don’t be fooled by the retro style graphics or that insanely soothing chip tune soundtrack playing in the background, Theres death every where around  us and it docent escape us while playing Slayin.

slayin gameplay

Now, What do you do? Your task is to choose one of the three possible heroes such as the ‘Knight’, ‘Wizard’ and ‘Knave’ and is your task to SLAYYYY as many monsters as possible and while doing this you will be levelling up and getting much much more powerful equipment along with spells to use against these monsters, Sounds to easy? Eh.. Once you die you’re gone for good.

Through your what some might call horrid journey, You will encounter different monsters and fearsome bosses and eventually will need to face the HUGEST DRAGON of legend but you will not win this fight easily, Good luck and your on your own from here :).

With many awesome features such as being an endless action RPG, Many rewards, Retro style graphics, A hip soundtrack, Endless Loot, three unique gameplays and the ability to challenge your friends through Game Center. So What are you waiting for? Download this weeks App of the Week from iTunes completely free and starting killing these monsters from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch NOW.

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