Who Am I? Shadows Answers All Levels

Who Am I? Shadows Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs. Created and developed by the trivia genius that is ThinkCube. ThinkCube is a well known quiz maker in the App world with his amazingly addictive quiz games to his simplistic gameplay, What’s not to love?

You can pick up Who Am I? Shadows from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices for free. What’s the aim of the game? It’s simple, Try to guess what the image represents with the letters given beneath the image, Easy? Hardly. That’s why we’ve solved all the levels so you don’t have to.

If you’re ready to get your answer hit then we’re ready to give it to you. Here’s your Answers, Cheats and Solutions to the hit trivia quiz game created by ThinkCube, Who Am I? Shadows.

Who Am I? Shadows Answers:

Who Am I? Shadows Answers Level 1-100:
Level 1: Shrek
Level 2: Bart Simpson
Level 3: Spongebob
Level 4: Pikachu
Level 5: Donkey
Level 6: Minion
Level 7: Misty
Level 8: Mario
Level 9: Beast
Level 10: Homer Simpson
Level 11: Tarzan
Level 12: Yoshi
Level 13: Manny
Level 14: Wile E Coyote
Level 15: Scooby Doo
Level 16: Phineas Flynn
Level 17: Luigi
Level 18: Donald Duck
Level 19: Jerry
Level 20: Woody Woodpecker
Level 21: Woobuffet
Level 22: Marge Simpson
Level 23: Krusty
Level 24: Optimus Prime
Level 25: Bambi
Level 26: Lumiere
Level 27: Jigglypuff
Level 28: Olive Oyl
Level 29: Ralph Wiggum
Level 30: Timmy Turner
Level 31: Peter Griffin
Level 32: Tweety Bird
Level 33: Sylvester
Level 34: Bugs Bunny
Level 35: Cookie Monster
Level 36: Squidward
Level 37: Samurai Jack
Level 38: Goku
Level 39: Genie
Level 40: Lucy Van Pelt
Level 41: Maleficent
Level 42: Pepe Le Pew
Level 43: Snap Crackle Pop
Level 44: Bender
Level 45: Patrick Star
Level 46: Garfield
Level 47: Moe
Level 48: Beety Boop
Level 49: Kenny
Level 50: Winnie The Pooh
Level 51: Linus Van Pelt
Level 52: Spiderman
Level 53: Sandy Cheeks
Level 54: Simba
Level 55: Totoro
Level 56: Grumpy
Level 57: Charmander
Level 58: Goofy
Level 59: Popeye
Level 60: Minnie Mouse
Level 61: Miffy
Level 62: Vegeta
Level 63: Mr Grinch
Level 64: Tinkerbell
Level 65: Batman
Level 66: Richie Rich
Level 67: Toucan Sam
Level 68: Daffy Duck
Level 69: Sunflower
Level 70: Joe Swanson
Level 71: Chief Wiggum
Level 72: Tony The Tiger
Level 73: Doraemon
Level 74: Dumbo
Level 75: Elmer Fudd
Level 76: Alvin
Level 77: Snoopy
Level 78: New Flanders
Level 79: Toad
Level 80: Dexter
Level 81: Kool Aid
Level 82: Cinderella
Level 83: Charlie Brown
Level 84: Bull Winkle
Level 85: Stewie Griffin
Level 86: Stitch
Level 87: Smurffette
Level 88: Pinky & The Brain
Level 89: Mickey Mouse
Level 90: Pink Panther
Level 91: Hello Kitty
Level 92: Wonder Woman
Level 93: The Hulk
Level 94: Belle
Level 95: Elmo
Level 96: Jimbo
Level 97: Bulbasaur
Level 98: Eric Cartman
Level 99: Quagmire
Level 100: Porky Pig

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