Shades: A Simple Puzzle Game – Walkthrough and Cheats

Apples new ‘App of the Week’, Shades: A Simple Puzzle Game, Is a fantastic and addicting tetris style game that was developed by UOVO. Below is a walkthrough for the Shades Puzzle Game walkthrough for levels 1-3 and is a youtube video for your connivence. If you believe something should be added here or something is incorrect, please let us know below.

Here you will find a walkthrough and cheats for Shades A Simple Puzzle Game puzzle game which includes solutions, clues and tips for Shades A Simple Puzzle Game application. We created this guide in order to gather for you all the support and instruments you will need for any levels. You are welcome to use it and share with us your tips and resolutions for the different levels.

This Game is simple but you will realise very quickly that its a challenging one, But theres no fun in a boring game right? Now we had trouble playing this first up (because who reads instructions?) you are to combine the clear blocks with the clear ones and the blocks with the blocks, Seems simple right? Combine two of the same block on top of each other to create one big block. Clear a row? create a row of the same block to clear it and of course just like Tetris, Don’t let it hit the top. Simples… Heres the walkthrough.

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