Scramble Squares Beginner Pack Answers

Stuck on the Beginner Pack of Scramble Squares by Adrenaline Punch? We’ve solved all the answers to get you on your way to completing the rest of the game. It’s your job to unscramble each square of scrambled letters so each word can be read horizontally and vertically in the playing grid. You can only tap and swap the blue squares, Making it that much harder. There’s over 300 levels, We better get to it then.

You can pick up this new trivia game from both the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices for free. With over 31+ packs and 300 levels Scramble Squares is sure to keep you busy during those boring parts of your day.

Adrenaline Punch is a well known developer across both app stores with such games as ‘9 Letters’, ‘Trivia Blanks’ and ‘Rebuzzle’. So you know this game is going to be good. If you need another pack from the game simply use the search bar on the top of the site or scroll down to the next level button beneath the answers. Let’s get stuck into the Scramble Squares Beginner Pack Answers, Cheats, Solutions, Walkthrough and hints now.

Scramble Squares Beginner Answers:

Level 1: Cube, Unix, Bike, Exec
Level 2: Akin, Keno, Into, Noon
Level 3: Grid, Rode, Idol, Deli
Level 4: Amok, Mine, Once, Keep
Level 5: Afar, Face, Ache, Reef
Level 6: Opal, Papa, Apes, Last
Level 7: Arms, Real, Mama, Slab
Level 8: Bone, Odor, Noir, Errs
Level 9: Opus, Pint, Undo, Stop
Level 10: Open, Polo, Elks, Nose

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