Scrabble Pics: Answers Guide

Playing Scrabble Pics right now? And getting a bit stuck? Not to worry in this really simple guide, We’ll give you all the answers you need. Once more are released they will be instantly updated on here, so make sure you bookmark this page. Scrabble Pics is a brand new spin on the word trivia game with a semi Scrabble twist. Basically what you do is, use your scrabble tiles and rearrange the board to match up with the pictures. This game can prove to be quite challenging, but thats why we’re here. Below are three categories, Choose the level your up to and get the answers, Enjoy.


Puzzles 1-25Puzzles 26-50Puzzles 51-72
More to come!


Puzzle 1: Ape, Sea, Hat
Puzzle 2: Paw, Ice, Net
Puzzle 3: Rip, Rise, Idle, Deer
Puzzle 4: Pen, Cave, Apes, Want
Puzzle 5: Ran, Dice, Unit, Odd

Puzzle 6: Pro, Sear, Pane, Ask
Puzzle 7: Cast, Area, Tier, Ant
Puzzle 8: Fat, Axis, Redo, Dew
Puzzle 9: Rat, Lice, Opts, Pest
Puzzle 10: Swat, Nova, Iron, Pew

Puzzle 11: Trap, Role, Idol, Left, Lot
Puzzle 12: Fog, Pour, Acne, Race, Sled
Puzzle 13: Cab, Solo, Icon, Loud, Lads
Puzzle 14: Sag, Tile, Urge, Seas, Knee
Puzzle 15: Gas, Rump, Idea, Dill, Sole

Puzzle 16: Top, Rope, Ones, Mark, Play
Puzzle 17: Stun, Hole, Once, Teed, Dry
Puzzle 18: Cam, Lace, Okra, Veil, Eddy
Puzzle 19: Sped, Taxi, Eager, Alert, Rest
Puzzle 20: Cap, Stair, Table, Alley, Reeds

Puzzle 21: Fled, Plane, Aorta, Navel, Start
Puzzle 22: Peat, Bathe, Usher, Steam, Herds
Puzzle 23: Claw, Halos, Above, Tenet, Lens
Puzzle 24: Crab, Ready, Idiot, Genre, Dyes
Puzzle 25: Amp, Flora, Attic, Meter, Erode


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