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     Scalak is the latest hypnotic puzzle game developed by the not less known independent developer Michal Pawlowski. In Scalak you just need to fill in the white space by dragging shapes to it. The game imposes no move or time limits and nothing can distract you from accomplishing the shape-filling challenges. The touch and play screen adds a decent comfort feeling of easiness and prompt reaction into the game’s physics. Take your time and focus with each puzzle. There will be no penalties for delaying too long or if you make a mistake with any kind of shape. If you’ll get stuck, you can just restart the level and try once again.

      Scalak is a puzzle game about warping perspectives and adapting shapes. The shapes at the first levels will be simple such as triangles or squares, while as the game progresses the shapes will become more difficult to match. Scalak requires spatial awareness and shape recognition at the highest level that a game may require, as it gets increasingly more confusing after adding shape directional movement into the gameplay. Central pieces will must often be rotated, while the surrounding pieces can’t be changed. In these cases you need to rotate the central piece so that the surrounding pieces can fit accordingly. If you make a mistake, press and hold upon a piece and then press the displayed X in order to undo and remove the incorrect piece from there. Some puzzles will even involve sliding tiles around. In case one piece will be sliding too far, use the others to stop it. Puzzles with pipes and colors dots on them require you to drag the pipes to the slots so that the colored dots will overlay the same colored dots on the central structure. Puzzles with tiles and colored dots on them require you to join tiles so the same colors meet and then light up.

      What makes Scalak interesting, incredibly entertaining and at the meantime very frustrating is that it creates the possibility for you to solve most of the puzzles even in the wrong way. There will be turns when you’ll find yourself unable to finish the puzzle because of the remaining shapes that don’t work together. That may happen because some of the earlier placements worked only as temporarily and not to permanently fill the whole puzzle. At the bottom, Scalak stands out as a wonderful, engaging puzzler, that deserves to be played by as many people as possible. If you get stuck into the game, rely on the following video walkthrough to successfully fulfill all the game’s puzzles:

Click here to download Scalak:

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