Rvlvr. Gameplay Guide for iOS and Android

Rvlvr. Gameplay Guide for All Levels and Packs. We’ve got the Rvlvr. Guide and Solutions to help you solve every stage. This game is created by The Frosty Pop Corps and can be downloaded onto your iOS or Android device for free. Featured on the iTunes App Store this game claims to feature over 15,000+ puzzles with a simple tap and rotate mechanic you’ll be surely scratching your head for hours playing this trivia puzzle game. With therapeutic music and an endless amount of puzzles this is a must download.

If you own an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device you’re in luck as you can head straight on over to either the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store now and pick up this game completely free. If you’re struggling on a level than don’t hesitate to use our walkthrough game guide which will help you finish the game in no time.


Rvlvr. Gameplay for iOS and Android

rvlvr. (By The Frosty Pop Corps Inc) – IOS/Android Gameplay

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