Rusty Lake: Roots Full Walkthrough All Levels

Stuck on Rusty Lake: Roots? Luckily we’ve got the FULL walkthrough to help you finish this fun and addicting game. Created by LoyaltyGame B.V. comes this new story when James Vanderboom’s life changes when he plants a special seed in the garden of the house. You’ll need to play through to find the rest of this story.

You can pick up Rusty Lake: Roots from the iTunes App Store for PC, Mac and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices. Rusty Lake: Roots is a premium point and click game and where players need to solve the mystery to complete the game, Sounds fun right? There’s more than 33 levels and every one is fun and exciting in their own way. Let’s dive into the Rusty Lake: Roots Answers, Cheats, Solutions and walkthrough for all levels and packs for iOS and Android now.

Rusty Lake: Roots Walkthrough Part 1

The part 1 walkthrough:
Level 1: The Tree
Starring: James
Level 2: The House
Starring: James
Level 3: The Uncle
Starring: James
Level 7: Finding Love
Starring: James, Mary
Level 4: The Stairs
Starring: James
Level 8: Childbirth
Starring: Mary

Rusty Lake: Roots Walkthrough Part 2

The part 2 walkthrough:
Level 9: Child’s Play
Starring: Emma, Albert, Samuel
Level 5: The Elixir
Starring: James
Level 6: The Wake
Starring: James
Level 10: Fertility
Starring: Emma

Rusty Lake: Roots Walkthrough Part 3

The part 3 walkthrough:
Level 17: The Clock
Starring: Samuel
Level 25: Masks
Starring: Albert
Level 11: The Swing
Starring: Albert, Frank
Level 18: The Fortune Teller
Starring: Ida
Level 12: The Search
Starring: Emma

Rusty Lake: Roots Walkthrough Part 4

The part 4 walkthrough contains:
Level 24: The Lying Game
Starring: Ida, Samuel, Albert, Mary
Level 13: The Painting
Starring: Emma
Level 19: The Wedding Photo
Starring: Ida, Samuel, Albert, Mary, Emma, Leonard
Level 26: Voodoo
Starring: Ida, Samuel, Albert

Rusty Lake: Roots Walkthrough Part 5

The part 5 walkthrough contains:
Level 20: The Music
Starring: Ida, Samuel, Albert, Mary, Leonard
Level 27: The Brood
Starring: Albert
Level 21: The War Hero
Starring: Leonard
Level 28: Communication
Starring: Rose

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