Run Bird Run – Ketchapp's New Addicting Game Review

Ketchapp is pumping out the games this month with ZigZag and now Run Bird Run. This game is one addicting, Yet insanely fun game which is great for the whole family. Just like every other Ketchapp App this is no exception to being a great time waster.

Run Bird Run was released in the App Store on January 29th 2015 and is already in the top charts along with Ketchapp’s other games, ZigZag. Run Bird Run is available on the iPhone/iPad and iPod for FREE, However with most games this is a Freemium game and offers (expensive) in-app purchases to help your way through the game. The aim of the game is to get as far as you can without getting hit by the falling boxes.


The controls are simple and easy and whats better then something being simple? Mc Donalds? o.o. Basically you have two controls, Left and right and all you are doing is avoiding the falling boxes. Once you make it to certain points you unlock different animals, Pretty sure we saw an elephant :O.

In conclusion if you love being up with the trend of the latest games this one will sure get your friends talking with its simple yet effective gameplay giving you a great time waster while waiting for a bus or on a train. Grab it now free from the app store and lets see if this will change your life.

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