ROP – Fun New Puzzle Game – Walkthrough, Cheats and Review

ROP is a featured app on the new games section on the iTunes App Store and we know why. This simply yet addictive game is quite the fun one. Below we will feature a full 77 level walkthrough available on our YouTube, We will embed the videos on this page for your connivence. ROP does cost $0.99 (USD), $1.29 (AUD) is FREE this week only. However we believe its well worth the low price and you’ll find out why.

What’s one of the most annoying this is a new game that you just purchased? In-App purchases of course and this is one of the many that do not feature these annoying money hungry add-ons. Now with over 77 Levels in this game as of now we will update as fast as we can and if you can help we would really appreciate it (Credit given).

Rop is incredibly simple but does get difficult so don’t under estimate the Rop. When we first downloaded it we we’re a little confused with what to do, Durr we are to copy the picture thats above your playing dots/area. You will see in the walkthroughs below. This is all. If you would like to try out the game the link is below, Enjoy!

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ROP Levels 1 to 5 Walkthrough: (AREA 1)

ROP Levels 6 to 12 Walkthrough: (AREA 2)

ROP Levels 13 to 23 Walkthrough: (AREA 3)

ROP LEVELS 24 – 59 Walkthrough

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