Room Escape: Cost of Jealousy Walkthrough All Levels

Room Escape: Cost of Jealousy Walkthrough and Cheats for every level and room. We bring you the full list of cheats and solutions for Cost of Jealousy Room Escape Game for both iOS and Android devices. Created by Andy Zeng. It’s your job to get to the bottom of the 24 year old, ballet goddess Kylie’s death. Whether you search each and every room and pick up all the items you find or you get help using the guide below you’ll realise how good of a game this truly is.

Currently rocking an iPod, iPhone or iPad? Then check out the iTunes App Store and download this game completely free or  if you’re running Android head on over to the Google Play Store and get your hands on this bad boy. If you’re struggling on a level then use our walkthrough game guide to get all the possible solutions, cheats and answers so that you to can finish this game.

Room Escape: Cost of Jealousy Walkthrough All Rooms

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