Rocket League “King of the Hill” Game Mode

King of the Hill Rocket League Game Mode is a brand new mode where you get 20 minutes, 3 Man in a 1v1 King of the Hill Game mode. This game is developed by Zerofour Games and combines real time physics and driving skills in this fun filled soccer/football remake of the original rocket league game which can be had on PC and Mac. The game features full customisation including but not limited to nitro, turbo, decals, vinyls, wheels, turbo and much more. The game is of course called Turbo League/ Turbo Liga which is created by Zerofour.

Turbo League can be picked up from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store now and downloaded straight on to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices for free. Are you ready to 3v3 in real time multiplayer? Let’s jump straight into it with our gameplay walkthrough game guide below.

Rocket League “King of the Hill” Game Mode

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