Rise Up Game Walkthrough

#1 Adventure

      Rise Up is an incredibly challenging and easy to play app developed by Serkan Ozyilmaz. Rise Up is a unique endless game available for both Android and iOS. Rise Up is described by many as the most challenging and fun game of 2018, and it truly deserves all the praise. In Rise Up all you have to do is to protect your balloon with the shield which you move by using your finger. The white ball (in the role of shield) is your only available tool and you have to move it around to avoid any of the falling objects that within all propabilities can hit your balloon.

     The one-finger control makes the game very easy to be played while remains very difficult to be mastered. You can’t move the balloon but only the small circle that can push obstacles out of the way. It’s like having to protect a delicate balloon from a growing number of obstacles and your only weapon is your finger. You can’t afford to randomly move your finger across the screen as you may also hit an obstacle making it bounce towards your balloon. To get a higher scores don’t put your finger on the ball by no means, but instead keep your finger away from the ball so you’ll be able to see all the angles where something might come from towards your balloon. Swipe to the side or down even if it may be too tempting to throw obstacles up and away. It’s a lot safer to push the appearing obstacles to the sides or down and away. Also don’t try too often to knock every appearing obstacle with the blocker ball. Try using mostly one big obstacle to clear out the whole path. Sometimes it helps to keep the circle near the top of the screen in order to gain time to move obstacles out of the way, but in more challenging levels you will need to keep it close to your balloon so that you can knock moving obstacles away easier. It’s indeed a simple game, but incredibly challenging as you get farther.

Enjoy Rise Up, the endless platformer game where you need to protect the balloon in rising the highest elevations in the sky. Clear your way and reach higher and higher. If you get stuck into the game you can rely on the following walkthrough and gameplay to get high scoring in the game:

Challenges 1-10

Challenges 11-25

3500 High Score


Give it a try by clicking below to download:


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