Riddles, Rebuses and Two Pics Answers All Levels

Riddles, Rebuses and Two Pics Answers and Cheats for All Levels. This game is created by Almond Studio for both iOS and Android devices and comes as a free download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. We’ve solved all the possible solutions to bring you this full walkthrough game guide to help you complete this quiz that’s simply a must for trivia fan. With a huge collection of levels to play from 200 riddles, 100 two pics quizzes and 100 rebuses to solve, You’ll be entertained for hours. These are great from children to adult as you’ll be tested through different categories.

Riddles, Rebuses and Two Pics answers

If you’ve stumbled here without downloading this game than you can head straight on over to your app store whether that be the iTunes App Store if you’re on iPhone, iPad or iPod or simply head on over to the Google Play Store if you’re running Android. This is the perfect time waster as you’ll be enjoying every moment of it.

Riddles, Rebuses and Two Pics Answers All Levels

Riddles Answers

#1: What kind of room has no windows or doors?
#2: What small place has lots of money?
#3: I run without legs, And I carry my house on my back. What am i?
#4: What invention lets you look right through a wall?
#5: What goes through towns and over hills, But never moves?
#6: What goes up and down the stairs without moving?
#7: What makes a snap sound and capture the happy moments of you?
#8: Feed me and I live, Yet give me a drink and I die.
#9: What is big and yellow and comes in the morning to brighten mom’s day?
School Bus
#10: My eye is dark, and my mane is yellow. You man see me at the mart, and i’m probably taller than you fellow.

Rebuses Answers

Two Pics Answers

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