Reveal 2 – The Simpsons Pack (All Answers)

Doh! This pack is all dedicated to the the The Simpsons pack from the game Reveal 2. Reveal 2 is available for all iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices from the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. We realise these can get very difficult so thats why we like to help the community at with the answers to the most difficult iOS and Android games out there. Got one we’re missing? Contact us at the contact button above. Never played Reveal 2 before? Not to worry, The game is relatively simple as all you need to do is scratch the picture and guess the answers. Finished with all these packs? Check out the Reveal 2 daily puzzle, This can earn you a lot of coins so do check that out. Now lets get started with the Reveal 2 The Simpsons Pack.


Level 1: Bart
Level 2: Ned Flanders
Level 3: Homer
Level 4: Marge
Level 5: Moe
Level 6: Lisa
Level 7: Mr Burns
Level 8: Krusty The Clown
Level 9: Maggie
Level 10: Chief Wiggum
Level 11: Smithers
Level 12: Milhouse
Level 13: Barney
Level 14: Scratchy
Level 15: Principal Skinner
Level 16: Slideshow Bob
Level 17: Ithcy
Level 18: Apu
Level 19: Mayor Quimby
Level 20: Comic Book Guy
Level 21: Paty
Level 22: Kang And Kodos
Level 23: Simon Cowell
Level 24: Grandpa
Level 25: Professor Frink
Level 26: Russeal Brand
Level 27: Maud Flanders
Level 28: Stephen Hawking
Level 29: Doctor Hhibbert
Level 30: Lenny
Level 31: Ricky Gervais
Level 32: Otto
Level 33: Sideshow Mel
Level 34: Carl
Level 35: Nelson
Level 36: George Bush
Level 37: Tony Hawk
Level 38: Ralph
Level 39: Elton John
Level 40: Martin
Level 41: Bumblee Man
Level 42: Selma
Level 43: Fat Tony
Level 44: Duffman
Level 45: Kent Brockman
Level 46: Hans Moleman
Level 47: Rod Flanders
Level 48: Todd Flanders
Level 49: Tony Blair
Level 50: Blinky

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