What The Rebus? A Word Game Answers

What The Rebus? A Word Game Answers, Cheats and Solutions created by Mind Magic Games, LLC. Ever wanted to test your lateral thinking skills and play a game at the same time? What The Rebus? is your fun new addicting trivia puzzle game that we’ve solved the answers for. Stuck on a particular level? We’ve got you sorted with all answers to all the levels in this pack. Remember to bookmark this page to stay up-to-date with all the answers as soon as the developer releases more.

Haven’t even got What The Rebus? yet, You can pick it up from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store free for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android device now. Now let’s get to solving these picture rebus levels and finish the game. Here’s your What The Rebus? Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels.


Level 1: Copycat
Level 2: Batman
Level 3: Laptop
Level 4: Cat Burglar
Level 5: Lame Duck
Level 6: Pillow Talk
Level 7: Lightsaber
Level 8: Bullet Train
Level 9: Runny Nose
Level 10: Grease Monkey

Level 11: Toad Stool
Level 12: Shotgun Wedding
Level 13: Kingpin
Level 14: Royal Pain
Level 15: Flea Market
Level 16: Sea-Monkey
Level 17: Kitty-Corner
Level 18: Sad Sack
Level 19: Dairy Queen
Level 20: Chevy Chase

Level 21: Monkey Bars
Level 22: Big Cheese
Level 23: Couch Potato
Level 24: Ghost Writer
Level 25: Hawaiian Punch
Level 26: Deviled Egg
Level 27: Party Animal
Level 28: Fried Egg
Level 29: Assault And Battery
Level 30: Swine Flu

Level 31: Wisdom Tooth
Level 32: Onion Ring
Level 33: Breadwinner
Level 34: Holy Cow
Level 35: Shooting Star
Level 36: Cell Phone
Level 37: Skyscraper
Level 38: Web Design
Level 39: Peach Cobbler
Level 40: Mistake

Level 41: Brothers Grimm
Level 42: Milkshake
Level 43: Crocodile Tears
Level 44: Ironman
Level 45: Beat Boxing
Level 46: World Peace
Level 47: Hangnail
Level 48: Anchorman
Level 49: Dumbbell
Level 50: Earwig

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