Rebus Puzzles Answers All Levels

Rebus Puzzles by Yasarcan Kasal Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs. Available on both iOS and Android for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, Free. Like similar trivia games it’s your goal to look at the arrangementĀ of the letters and/or pictures to guess a word or phrase. Sound easy? Far from the truth, We’ve got all the answers so you don’t need to worry.

From the same creators of the hit game ‘What Restaurant’ comes this new crazy addicting game. Now can you guess what phrase it is? Here’s the answers, Cheats and Solutions to the new addicting trivia quiz game Rebus Puzzles.


Level 1: Hotdog
Level 2: Bookworm
Level 3: Eggplant
Level 4: Starbucks
Level 5: Nestea
Level 6: Icecube
Level 7: Pizzahut
Level 8: Fatburger
Level 9: Hangman
Level 10: Hotmail
Level 11: Linkedin
Level 12: Android
Level 13: Dominos
Level 14: Makeup
Level 15: Proverb

We’re updating the list as we speak, Bookmark this page and check back shortly for more answers.




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