Rainbow Rumble – Review, Tips and Cheats

Rainbow Rumble is a Candy Crush style game but people can’t get enough of these games so we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon and bring you Rainbow Rumble. Below we’ll feature a review some tips and a few cheats to the new game Rainbow Rumble released on the 13 January 2015.

Rainbow Rumble

Rainbow Rumble was developed by Epic Jump, The people who brought us World Soccer Striker (Soccer/Football?). The game features over 200 puzzles (Soon to have a walkthrough on AppCheating.com) with a ton of challenging features in each and every one of them. One of those people who hate playing games without friends? Rainbow Rumble has you covered with the ability to play with all your friends playing the game.

As we mentioned in the first paragraph about it being similar to Candy Crush, We do believe this though the developers say that the gameplay is 100% unique, You decide. So if you are ready to save plantlings from cranky monsters that have powerful moves then download Rainbow Rumble from the App Store today on your iPhone/iPad and iPod and of course, For FREE. Though just like most of these games they to need to make money. Rainbow Rumble offers in-app purchases to players that of course want to pay for these extras, Though are not needed to play.

All in all, Great game and very addicting. If you enjoy these Bejewelled kinda games then grab yourself the game now and tell us about it below, We’ll reply to each and everyone of you. Enjoy!

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