Rage of the Immortals: Post Your Referral and Invite Codes Here!

As in many games referral codes are used you will usually get compensated, Well here is no exception. The reason people post their referral codes is due to one simple reason, You BOTH get rewards. Win win for both parties, So why not help each other out and post your referral codes/promo codes below. When you are a new player to Rage of the Immortals you will only get one chance to get freebies from typing codes and after inserting it.

What next? well you want more free stuff? of course you do, Take advantage of this and refer this game to your friends to get more rewards. Some people like to do this a formal way (less spammy way) and then you have others that just spam their codes on many different community sites, And as a newbie player, one would not know where to get these codes from, So share this around so everybody can take advantage.

To fix the problem of spammy and scattered referral codes, we’ve done this page to help you. We acknowledge that this game is worthy and we would not post such content if we thought otherwise. This is good way for people to come to once place and share their codes without going to one hundred other sites.

So what do you need to do? Post your referral code down below and a reason why they should use yours? Make it stand out, Good luck and enjoy the rewards!

Posting Rules:

– Post once every 24 hours

– Usernames are case sensitive

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