Radical by BeaverTap Games – Review and Tips

Radical is this new stylish game by BeaverTap Games, LLC. The game is quite simple but really addicting, Did we tell you how addicting it was? Well, very. Radical seems simple but the simple games are the good games, Give yourself a reward for that hard week you had and give it a download. Best of all its FREE, We all love free apps (May include fun ads).

Radical SCREEN

The aim of Radical is to get the highest score without obviously, Dying. You are not to hit the walls as this is a big no no and can kill you. You can warp from side to side when there is no walls blocking your way, This can get trippy but can get fun and make you look like a Radical PRO once you get the hang of it. As like most games the little triangle ship thing you are will get faster the longer you survive, This can get quite difficult specially if you are warping from side to side and zooming past these barriers.

This is basically radical in a few short paragraphs. The best score that the AppCheating team could get was 89, Think you can beat us? Drop us a comment below and we’ll try to re-beat you ;). Have you even got the game yet? What are you waiting for? GO!

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