QUIZAZ! F is For Answers and Cheats

QUIZAZ! F is For Answers, Cheats and Solutions including all other levels. Quizaz! is a brand new game developed from the guys over at Poptacular!, Who also brought us 100 Pics. You’ll notice the similarities between both games however we all agree that Quizaz! is slightly funner as we think the words are little easier, Meaning we could enjoy the game that much more. However a new game is not without its challenges, So we’re here to bring you all A – Z Answers and Cheats to each and every single answers that’s available. You can rely on AppCheating for all your QUIZAZ! Answers.

Pick up the new game from the links below or search your respective App Store for Quizaz! on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android device and download the new image association game and play along. As this is a HUGE game we’ll greatly appreciate any help that’s given not only for us, But the community. Let’s dive into the QUIZAZ! F is For Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels.

QUIZAZ! Level Picker:  Answers


QUIZAZ! F is For Answers:

Level 1: Frog
Level 2: Fall
Level 3: Fireworks
Level 4: Footprints
Level 5: Fireman
Level 6: Fry
Level 7: Flu
Level 8: Feather
Level 9: Fish
Level 10: Fog

Level 11: Fighter
Level 12: Funny
Level 13: Fingerpaint
Level 14: Fruit
Level 15: Fungi
Level 16: Freezing
Level 17: Forklift
Level 18: Flamingo
Level 19: Flakes
Level 20: Four

Level 21: Frisbee
Level 22: Flash
Level 23: Foal
Level 24: Floss
Level 25: Fan
Level 26: Froth
Level 27: Fudge
Level 28: Flock
Level 29: Flamenco
Level 30: Factory

Level 31: Four poster
Level 32: Fleet
Level 33: Fig
Level 34: Fierce
Level 35: Fondue
Level 36: Fetch
Level 37: Fossil
Level 38: Fillet
Level 39: Filofax
Level 40: Frayed

Level 41: Fashion
Level 42: Float
Level 43: Fragile
Level 44: Flume
Level 45: Freckles
Level 46: Ferret
Level 47: Fortress
Level 48: Friends
Level 49: Freedom
Level 50: Frightened


Hold up, We’re getting there, Help us solve some answers, Credit given!

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