Quetzalcoatl – Walkthrough, Cheats and Review

Quetzalcoatl is a game that is simply going to blow your mind, Sit back and let us sell you this fun yet amazingly addictive game. Quetzalcoatl is currently free in the iTunes App Store for the first time in a long time (Jump on the offer quickly), You won’t regret the download. 


Quetzalcoatl will challenge you mentally as you whizz your way through each level, Obviously the earlier levels are a lot easier to complete and you will totally notice this as you progress through each level.

The main idea behind Quetzalcoatl is to line your snake like thing to match up your coloured dots to the dots corresponding onto the board, Sound easy? Ha.. 🙂

AppCheating.com (US) will upload a walkthrough/Gameplay video on youtube and embed the video right here on this page if for some reason you do get stuck, Make sure you subscribe.

Grab your copy here: 

World 2 Walkthrough:

World 2 Level 15 Walkthrough (Tricky one)
World 3 Walkthrough
World 4 Walkthrough

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