Puzzle Pop Paradise – New Candy Crush Saga? (Walkthrough All Levels)

Puzzle Pop Paradise is a new style Candy Crush Saga game available on the App Store for your iPhone, iPad or iPod for free. Puzzle Pop Paradise is developed by the company Bake450 and is defiantly considered addictive and is highly entertaining. Check it out now before there all sold out :P.

Puzzle Pop Paradise is set in an Ice Cream Kingdom but wait, It’s being over run by invaders. The other cute minions are trying to take over Ice Cream Kingdom and its your job to save the day by matching the colorful popsicles in this challenging match-3 battle game. Puzzle Pop features over 100+ levels with cute minions included and best of all its FREE. What more can you ask for? However Puzzle Pop does include 1 in app purchase and its for a starter pack, Unlike all the other apps that have 10-20 in-app purchases.

Puzzle Pop Paradise - cap

Now what are you waiting for? Check out the first 5 level walkthrough below and see for yourself what fun your missing out on.

Please Note: Next levels are being uploaded now. If you can contribute please do so as you will also receive credit.



First 5 Levels for Puzzle Pop Paradise iOS Game:

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