Puzzle Page Crossword March 14 2018 Answers

Hello Friends. We have created this post to share all Puzzle Page Crossword March 14 2018 Answers, Cheats and Solutions. This game includes everyday updated Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, Word Search and Picture Crossword also. It’s created and developed by AppyNation Ltd which have created some of the most famous games like World’s Biggest Crossword and World’s Biggest Word Search.

Puzzle Page Crossword March 14 2018 Answers

1.Red-nosed reindeer: RUDOLPH

2.Strong desire,need: URGE

3.Merely simply: ONLY

4.Staple Italian food: PASTA

5.Utter suddenly: EXCLAIM

6. Imprison, lock up: IMPOUND

7. Test: EXAM

8.Timeless: AGELESS

9.Male singing voice: ALTO

10.Shooting a goal: SCORING

11.Advocate, urge: SUGGEST

12.Bonnet: HAT

12D:Chop down, fell:HEW

13. Haul behind vehicle:TOW

14.Bring about, effect: CAUSE

15.Bulb used in chutneys: ONION

16. Charm, cheer: WOW

17. Relating to sight:OPTIC

18.Capital of Latvia:RIGA

19.Forehead: BROW

20.Fuss inf: TODO

21.Top billing: STARDOM

22.Hideaway,den: NEST

23.Stockman: COWBOY




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