Puzzle Page Crossword June 13 2018 Answers

Hello Friends. We have created this post to share all Puzzle Page Crossword June 13 2018 Answers, Cheats and Solutions. This game includes everyday updated Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, Word Search and Picture Crossword also. It’s created and developed by AppyNation Ltd which have created some of the most famous games like World’s Biggest Crossword and World’s Biggest Word Search.

Detain, hem in CAGE
Diner CAFE
Courage, spirit METTLE
Gas fire, for example HEATER
Bronze medal position THIRD
Every sixty minutes HOURLY
Golf shot PUTT
Roughly stitch TACK
Cut into pieces SLICED
Disarrange hair RUFFLE
Make into powder GRIND
Cash rebate REFUND
Close to NEAR
Jump up, spring LEAP
Smooth-talking trickster CONMAN
Backgammon for example GAME
Community of monks ABBEY
Handcart BARROW
Small amphibian FROG
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