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Ever wanted to be the envy of all your mates? Pumped BMX 3 is a game that’s not only going to make you look cool but bring all the ladies to the yard.We’ve got you covered with the Pumped BMX 3 APK download for iOS and Android to help you ‘trick’ your way into a ladies hands. This is the final installment form the guys over at Yeah Us! Comes the number 1 rated BMX game, Pumped BMX 3.

With it’s recent success with Pumped BMX 1 and Pumped BMX 2 its hard not to release a third, Rake in those $$. It’s your job to ride through insane jumps and do some crazy stunts to increase your score and your aim is to have the highest. Though if you’re one of those that just likes to enjoy the moment then you can also sit back and relax and cruise through the levels and enjoy the game. The game features over 720 challenges and achievements to chuck your hand at while also being able to play in over 60 levels. What more can one person want? Let’s get you into Pumped BMX 3 now with some download links to both the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android devices.

Pumped BMX 3:

[itunes url=”https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/pumped-bmx-3/id1073129594?mt=8″/]

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