Prison Break Lockdown Walkthrough and Cheats All Levels

Prison Break Lockdown Walkthrough, Cheats and Answers for all levels and stages. Need help with a particular level? We’ve solved each and every stage to bring you a full walkthrough guide. This game is created by Amphibius Developers for iOS and Android devices. This is a fun and addicting puzzle escape game and we think you’ll enjoy it to.

Eager to get your hands on this fun new escape strategy game? Head on over using your iPad, iPod, iPhone or Android device to your App Store whether that be the iTunes App store or Google play store and download this fun new game for free. This game starts you off being sentenced to death for murder however you didn’t commit the crime. Now discover puzzles and hidden objects to manipulate the other prisoners and guards and do whatever to escape.

Prison Break Lockdown Walkthrough:

For specific levels use this guide:

Level 1: 00:22
Level 2: 01:30
Level 3: 03:19
Level 4: 05:34
Level 5: 07:20
Level 6: 08:37
Level 7: 10:37
Level 8: 12:30
Level 9: 14:23

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