Pokemon Go Review and Walkthrough Game Guide

This game is about walking to real-life locations called Pokestops that are marked on a map on your phone to get items and collect the Pokemon that pop up along the way so as to earn experience. You then use the Pokemon to take over real world objectives called gyms from other players. This game has all the basics covered to make it a lovely mobile treasure-hunting app.

Pokemon Go Review
Source: Forbes.com

This games success lies on the experience aspect. This game is a proven phenomenon with millions of players. This games design makes it quite accessible. You have a level as a trainer and your captured Pokemon have combat points hinged to your level.

Pokemon’s weaknesses are the features that it lacks. However, its design allows personal connections with other real-world players by bringing people together while chasing a common goal.

The problem is that Pokemon crashes badly and can deprive a player of his hard-won Pokemon. Pokemon will greatly improve if updates are provided to rectify kinks and offer the content that is promised by its owners.

This game also has three teams; team valor, team mystic and team instinct. Their leaders are Candela, Blanche and Spark respectively.

Download this game on iOS and Android devices.

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