Pixels Challenge Answers All Levels and Solutions

Pixels Challenge Answers by Scimob for iOS and Android. Here we’ve solved and bring you the Pixels Challenge Solutions and Pixels Challenge Cheats to all possible levels and packs in this fun and addicting game. This is the perfect place to grab your word trivia puzzle game answers no matter what game you’re playing. Time for a real challenge? Games, characters, consoles or companies that have been gaming history behind the grid. To you to discover them. Think you have what it takes to answer all 400+ levels? Using our walkthrough game guide you do.

You can use our walkthrough game guide to get yourself all the possible solutions and cheats to help you solve all these tricky levels. You can pickup this game from either the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store now on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device for free. If you enjoy playing games on your phone than you’re simply going to love this banger.

Pixels Challenge









Pixels Challenge Answers All Levels

Pixels Challenge Level 1

*Answers may vary from location

#1: Pikachu
#2: Playstation
#3: Minecraft
#4: Rayman
#5: Angry Birds
#6: Mario
#7: Lara Croft
#8: Just Dance
#9: Uncharted
#10: Halo
#11: Nintendo Wii
#12: Gta
#13: Candy Crush
#14: Sonic
#15: Tetris
#16: Xbox
#17: Fallout
#18: Batman
#19: Sega
#20: Kirby

Levels are different for each player, Use the category (Top left) to help you answers the levels.

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