Pixel Pop Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all icons, logos, levels and packs as we bring you a full walkthrough guide to help you solve each and every stage, pack, level and possible combination to complete this fun and addicting trivia word game. Created by Tapps Games for Android and iOS devices. You can head on over to either the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store and download this new game from your Android or iPhone ,iPad or iPod Touch device for free.

Just downloaded this word trivia game and you’re stuck on a level? Luckily we’ve solved each and every one to bring this full game guide below to help you out of these sticky situations. Time to really put your head down as you challenge not only your brain but your paitence in this new and fun game where you need to figure out everything to do with numbers, pop culture icons and colours. With over 170 pixel art icons including famous movies, music artists, tv series, logos, characters and many other pop culture icons as you have hours of entertainment.


Pixel Pop Answers and Cheats All Levels

Pixel Pop Answers Movies

Movies Level 1. Titanic
Movies Level 2. Scream
Movies Level 3. Black Swan
Movies Level 4. Super Size Me
Movies Level 5. Simpsons Movie
Movies Level 6. Tangled
Movies Level 7. V For Vendetta
Movies Level 8. Incredibles
Movies Level 9. Gladiator
Movies Level 10. Tomb Raider

Movies Level 11. Chicago
Movies Level 12. Cast Away
Movies Level 13. PI
Movies Level 14. Kill Bill
Movies Level 15. Titanic
Movies Level 16. Django Unchained
Movies Level 17. Godzilla
Movies Level 18. Godfather
Movies Level 19. Fast and Furious
Movies Level 20. Magnolia

Movies Level 21. Air Force One
Movies Level 22. Talladega Nights
Movies Level 23. Wolverine
Movies Level 24. Top Gun
Movies Level 25. Ray
Movies Level 26. Robin Hood
Movies Level 27. Donnie Darko
Movies Level 28. Green Lantern
Movies Level 29. Twister
Movies Level 30. Austin Powers

Pixel Pop Answers Tv Shows

Tv Shows Level 1. Supergirl
Tv Shows Level 2. Heroes
Tv Shows Level 3. Suits
Tv Shows Level 4. Banshee
Tv Shows Level 5. Nip Tuck
Tv Shows Level 6. True Detective
Tv Shows Level 7. Les Griffin
Tv Shows Level 8. Person of Interest
Tv Shows Level 9. Lost
Tv Shows Level 10. Hannibal

Tv Shows Level 11. Sherlock
Tv Shows Level 12. Batman Begins
Tv Shows Level 13. Transformers
Tv Shows Level 14. Star Wars
Tv Shows Level 15. Scooby Doo
Tv Shows Level 16. I Robot
Tv Shows Level 17. Retour vers le futur
Tv Shows Level 18. Breaking Bad
Tv Shows Level 19. Le 5ème Élément
Tv Shows Level 20. The Simpsons

Tv Shows Level 21. Starsky & Hutch
Tv Shows Level 22. Grease
Tv Shows Level 23. Speed
Tv Shows Level 24. L’Agence tous risques
Tv Shows Level 25. SOS Fantômes
Tv Shows Level 26. Dumb & Dumber
Tv Shows Level 27. Tron
Tv Shows Level 28. Braquage à l’italienne
Tv Shows Level 29. Little Miss Sunshine
Tv Shows Level 30. Magnum

Pixel Pop Answers Music

Music Level 1. Sam Smith
Music Level 2. John Lennon
Music Level 3. Pink Floyd
Music Level 4. Nicki Minaj
Music Level 5. Red Hot Chili Peppers
Music Level 6. Bruno Mars
Music Level 7. Céline Dion
Music Level 8. Katy Perry
Music Level 9. Green day
Music Level 10. Keith Urban

Music Level 11. Alanis Morissette
Music Level 12. Aerosmith
Music Level 13. Rihanna
Music Level 14. Whitney Houston
Music Level 15. Foo Fighters
Music Level 16. Lorde
Music Level 17. Chris Brown
Music Level 18. Arctic Monkeys
Music Level 19. Olivia Newton-John
Music Level 20. Ellie Goulding

Music Level 21. Fall Out boy
Music Level 22. Amy Winehouse
Music Level 23. Kylie Minogue
Music Level 24. Oasis
Music Level 25. Paul McCartney
Music Level 26. Michael Buble
Music Level 27. Arcade Fire
Music Level 28. Dolly Parton
Music Level 29. David Bowie
Music Level 30. Metallica

Pixel Pop Answers Logos

Logos Level 1. Skype
Logos Level 2. Wikipedia
Logos Level 3. Audi
Logos Level 4. Youtube
Logos Level 5. Ebay
Logos Level 6. Cat
Logos Level 7. Atp
Logos Level 8. Warner Bros
Logos Level 9. Mcdonalds
Logos Level 10. Toyota

Logos Level 11. Jack Daniels
Logos Level 12. Starbucks
Logos Level 13. Hellmans
Logos Level 14. Reebok
Logos Level 15. Esso
Logos Level 16. Skittles
Logos Level 17. Dropbox
Logos Level 18. Speedo
Logos Level 19. Gucci
Logos Level 20. Lipton

Logos Level 21. Mitsubishi
Logos Level 22. Oreo
Logos Level 23. Ups
Logos Level 24. Kodak
Logos Level 25. Duracell
Logos Level 26. Carlsberg
Logos Level 27. Wilson
Logos Level 28. Volvo
Logos Level 29. Honda
Logos Level 30. Msn

Pixel Pop Answers Games

Games Level 1. Apple bobbing
Games Level 2. Ampe, Ghana
Games Level 3. Chopsticks
Games Level 4. Clapping games
Games Level 5. Blind man’s buff
Games Level 6. British bulldogs
Games Level 7. Button, button, who’s got the button?
Games Level 8. Bloody Knuckles
Games Level 9. Buck buck
Games Level 10. Cat’s cradle

Games Level 11. Catch
Games Level 12. Dice
Games Level 13. Doctor
Games Level 14. Conkers
Games Level 15. Continuous cricket
Games Level 16. Cops and robbers
Games Level 17. Counting out
Games Level 18. Crack the Whip
Games Level 19. Dandy shandy
Games Level 20. Dodgeball

Games Level 21. Double Dutch
Games Level 22. Duck, duck, goose
Games Level 23. Paddle ball
Games Level 24. Paper football
Games Level 25. Chain tag
Games Level 26. Chinese whispers
Games Level 27. Ball games
Games Level 28. Ball tag
Games Level 29. Sonic
Games Level 30. Super Mariory, Hard
Level 9. But, Swap, Can, Help
Level 10. Try, This, Word, Game