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     Perspecto is a clever puzzle game developed by Kamil Kucma. The game features visuals between 2D and 3D with solid controls and a welcoming difficulty curve. In Perspecto everything is a matter of perspective, and the way you’ll be able to see things occasionally. You have to dig and challenge the power of your imagination in order to find the needed creativity to solve the displayed puzzles.  

    This brilliant game presents pretty simple controls, where you only swipe on anywhere on the screen to make the entire object rotate. You can touch a cube that can be moved, swiping it in the direction you want while if you try moving a non-moving cube, it will rotate the whole object instead.

     The goal in Perspecto is to get the object in front of you to match the displayed above image. The struggle consists that you’re playing with perspective and each time you rotate the whole object, you’ll see it from a different angle. Some of the cubes inside of it are fixed, but others can be moved around in different ways, depending on their behavior. The idea is to move the cubes and change the perspective so that together you get something that looks identically like the image presented. As new kinds of cubes are added, the puzzles become more complex and become increasingly difficult.

    You have two main disponible tools at your in order to help you succeed. The first is the ability to physically touch and drag certain blocks around the three-dimensional playing field. The other is the ability to drag the entire pile of blocks around in 45-degree growth towards any direction. Or, simple said, to change your perspective. The game features 90 levels with blocks that can move freely, some that slide until stopped, and some other that just follow the laws of gravity.

     Perspecto brings a simple concept, while it builds on its mechanics gradually so no two puzzles feel alike. It’s exactly what you may be looking for in a puzzle game genre. The clever design makes it very much worth your time and efforts. If you get stuck in the game’s levels watch carefully the following video walkthrough with the solution of the first 50 levels of the game:

Levels 1-45

Levels 46-50

Click here to download the game on iOS for the price of $2.99:


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