Paperama Tani Level 15 Solution – Angle

This is quite an old game but we think you guys might benefit from it. This is just a walkthrough on Level 15 of the Tani Level, From the game Paperama. Paperama Tani Level 15 is no easy level, this is why we’re posting this. In this level players need to fold the origami paper into an angle shape. This level is a lot harder than most and you only get three moves, Scroll down for the walkthrough.


Paperama Tani – Level 15 Solution

Step 1: Fold the left side of the paper to the right until the edge matches up with the first dotted line.
Step 2: Fold the right side of the paper to the left until it matches up with the same dotted line.
Step 3: Make the same fold from right to left again.
Step 4: Take the bottom of the paper and fold it to the right until you have the shape of the angle.

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