Okay? – Game Review, Walkthrough and Cheats

Okay? is a game developed by Phillip Stollenmayer and is VERY simple but you will enjoy every moment of it. Okay? is currently free and is available in the US iTunes App Store and can be played on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This review will be quite short as there isn’t much to the game but simply how much you make the game.

Okay? is very simple as you are only able to draw one line which is the ball that your aiming with the goal to complete it, Now each level is obviously different goals but you need to focus and think for a little bit to aim it up perfectly (Video walkthrough coming tomorrow). Thats basically it, Pull back the ball and FIRE.

Now Phillip (The developer) has made this app FREE however allows you to pay what you want for the game. Now we think this is a creative idea for a developer to do as gives the customer the ability to pay what they think its worth. This is very much like the game bungles ‘Humble Bundle’. I hope people don’t take this for granted and do buy a in-app purchase to support the developer as this will change the App Store.

Now Okay? is free and we are done.. What are you still doing here? Download it here –

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