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   Okay? is a catchy minimalist puzzle developed by Philipp Stollenmayer. This way too attractive and special game is made of simplistic, flat geometric shapes and the goal is to angle-shoot accurately a small black ball in order that it bounces off of the shapes on the screen, making them disappear. If you angle the ball properly, it will hit one shape then will ricochet and hit a second, third, and so on, regarding on how many shapes does a level have. Once the ball hits a certain shape, it will disappear promptly. The goal of this game is to clear the screen of all shapes. If you don’t angle the ball properly, it may bounce off of one or two shapes, but will then fly off of the screen and you will have to try again.

    As you progress through the levels, new elements will be introduced. Black shapes will come out as they act as rubber walls which allow the ball to bounce while they stay put. Strings, or lines, can be passed through, but will either disappear when the ball touches them. The player must try clearing the board with one line in all cases.

    Once you’ve played 20 levels of the game, a screen will pop up with a message from the developer saying that he hopes you like the game thus far. Immediately afterwards, a message will ask you to name the price you are willing to pay for the game. You can choose anything from zero to $8.99 at that point. If you choose zero, the game will ask for an App Store review whereas if you choose anything else you will simply have to pay up. Are you willing to pay for something you could continue to play for free, solely for the purpose of supporting the developer? That would be something that wants to take your money in a totally unheard way before.

   In the first levels you can try testing methods and figure out what the core concept of the game is, as well as how to beat the level with them .Each level includes one screen, giving you all the pieces to complete it, but not giving you the way to order the pieces. Getting stuck is a usual thing generally puzzle games, but in Okay? getting stuck only teaches you more, and helps during later levels by giving you a new way of thinking. Worth to mention that some levels get very tricky, as there are ones that have only one exact shooting angle to successfully complete them.

So replaying a level might be often necessary. Okay? stands out as an original puzzle game that will deserve our praises for a considerably long time. Super simple, super clever, and a real proof that good puzzles doesn’t always need to have fancy graphics. Okay? will keep you sharp on angles and make you an expert on ball’s point and shooting games. The mechanics are simple with just pointing and shooting the ball. The mission is to hit all the white shapes and avoid the black and grey ones. If you get stuck into the game rely on the following video walkthrough for all the 150 levels of the game:

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