NRMA Insurance Car Park Challenge iOS – Cheats and Review

NRMA Insurance Car Park Challenge is game developed from NRMA Insurance Company and is certainly quite fun. However this game may only be for the folks down under, Though everyone else can still read along!!. NRMA Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in Australia and they’ve done it again with a fun iOS Game to play while of course not driving your real vehicle.

So lets put our driving skills to the test with NRMA’s Insurance game while trying not to damage your sexy car through 10 action packed levels each featuring its fair share of tight corners and different objects. Do you know whats cool about crashing (IN GAME OF COURSE) is that NRMA Insurance have gathered data from their research centre and will estimate your repair costs if you damage your car in-game with real life figures.. Woooww!

nrma insurance game app

Great features that NRMA Insurance have listed.

“Accurate data from real crashes to estimate the damage within each level.
– 10 awesome levels filled with tight corners and different obstacles.
– Realistic sound effects.
– ‘Easy to learn, hard to master’ style of gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours.
– Select between two types of cars.
– Earn gold, silver and bronze badges depending on skill, time and accuracy.
– Rich, lush design graphics.”

NRMA Insurance Company overs cheap auto quote’s and is the best insurance around. Think theres a better one? Comment below!

Overall if you want a new fun and addicting driving game, Give NRMA Insurance challenge a go and tell us below if you enjoy the game or not. Would like to see your own game featured on AppCheating or Hit the link in the menu bar to learn more. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon.

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