Nexomon Gameplay and Walkthrough

#3 in Role Playing

      Nexomon is a strikingly reminiscent remastered version of the all-time classic Pokemon in the form of the role-playing adventure developed by LIME TURTLE, INC. The game is beautifully designed and its brilliant game plot is something you should definitely not miss out. Nexomon is about collecting and training fantastic monsters that strangely happen not to be Pokemons. Since Nintendo consoles haven’t yet become smartphones, Nexomon is the closest thing to Pokemon on smartphones so far. If there’s a game that can intimidate Pokemon so far, it would certainly be Nexomon.

      Nexomons’ gameplay has you catching the well-known monsters called Nexomons. The ultimate goal of the game, as anyone would imagine, is to catch’em all! During the navigation, the story plot will also present you with Nexolord, the utmost and most fearsome of all Nexomons, which you have stop until the end of the game. You start out as the child of two scientists and you’re accompanied by a talking robot called Atlas, who’s basically your sidekick. You’ll start exploring the world of Nexomon on the long journey of stopping the Nexolord and catching as many monsters as you can along the way.

      The gameplay rotates around the choice-based Nexomon battles. Every Pokémon fan knows how these battles work, but just in case there might be someone who’ve never played a Pokémon game before, here is how these battles happen: You’ve got a team of up to six different Nexomon, and so does your opponent. You take turns in attacking, while each Nexomon has its strengths and weaknesses., grass types are weak against fire, while fire is weak against water and so on. You can as well heal your Nexomon through the battles using in-game items and, if you’re not battling other trainers, you can use the Nexotraps (Pokemon sphere impersonation) to catch a Nexomon. Just before doing so, make sure you don’t reduce its health points completely. It’s a pretty straightforward and simple battle mechanic, and it does require a corresponding amount of strategic planning like which Nexomon to use in a certain situation, as well as which attack is better to execute first.

          As you make progress throughout the game you can as well level up your Nexomon, and before facing the game’s main villain, you’ll have to beat several elite Nexomon trainers in order to prove that you’re worthy to face the main villain himself. The only difference between Pokemon and Nexomon is the fact that catching the Nexomons requires nothing. In Pokemon games, you would reduce the Pokemon’s health to a certain point, putting it to sleep or paralysing it, in order to catch it. In Nexomon instead nothing like that is required.

          Nexomon is a gorgeous looking Pokémon clone that plays strikingly similar like the Nintendo giant.The game features over 300 unique Nexomon creatures with the ability to evolve accordingly. If you’re a Pokémon fan and you like exciting adventure games, this game is just perfect for you.

          If you get stuck in the game, watch carefully the following complete video walkthrough and gameplay for the whole game:

Click on the following icons to download the limited version of the game on both platforms. Or you can pay for the full game for only 0.99$:



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