New York Times Crossword Monday 8th May 2017 Answers

New York Times Crossword 8th May 2017 Sunday Answers for All Levels and Packs. We’ve got the New York Times Crossword 8 May 2017 Cheats and Solutions to help you solve every stage. This game is created by New York Times and can be downloaded onto your iOS or Android device for free. If you’re a fan of crosswords than the New York Times is a must play for anyone who’s a crossword savvy person. Whether you’re struggling on one word or multiple we’ve got you covered with all the solutions.

If you own an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device you’re in luck as you can head straight on over to either the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store now and pick up this game completely free. If you’re struggling on a level than don’t hesitate to use our walkthrough game guide which will help you finish the game in no time. 05/08/2017

New York Times crossword

New York Times Crossword 8th May 2017 Answers All Levels

Get the picture?’ – SEE
‘Super 8’ actress, 2011 – ELLEFANNING
‘Thanks, Captain Obvious!’ – GEEYATHINK
‘That sounds good … NOT!’ – OHFUN
‘The Waste Land’ poet – ELIOT
‘We ___ to please!’ – AIM
4.0 is a great one – GPA
Abbr. before a name on a memo – ATTN
Actress Thurman – UMA
Air Force One, for one – PLANE
Ancient land near Lydia – IONIA
Auto deal for nonbuyers – LEASE
Bewilder – ADDLE
Brief letter – NOTE
Caltech, e.g.: Abbr – INST
Deal negotiator for athletes – AGENT
Denim or linen – CLOTH
Dish in a bowl often served au gratin – ONIONSOUP
Dr. Mom’s attention, for short – TLC
Each one in a square is 90° – ANGLE
Egyptian cross – ANKH
Envy or lust – SIN
Every last bit – ALL
Farm tower – SILO
Flower that attracts pollinating insects – BEEBALM
Fly-___ (Blue Angels maneuvers) – BYS
Fútbol score – GOL
Garbage-carrying boats – SCOWS
Groups of poker chips, typically – STACKS
High point – APEX
Hightail it – RUN
How sardines are often packed – INOIL
Ian who wrote ‘Atonement’ – MCEWAN
Industrious little marchers – ANTS
Jazz instrument – SAX
Lacking company – LONE
Less than 90° – ACUTE
Locale of a film ‘nightmare’: Abbr – ELMST
Ltr. addition – ENC
March Madness org – NCAA
Modern movement initialism … or a hint to the starts of 18-, 24-, 40-, 52- and 61-Across – LGBTQ
Money in the middle of a poker table – KITTY
Money in the middle of a poker table – ANTES
Nearsighted cartoon Mr – MAGOO
Not good – BAD
Not hold back – GOBIG
One-named New Age singer – ENYA
One-on-one talk – TETEATETE
Onetime ‘S.N.L.’ regular Cheri – OTERI
Opposite of strict – LAX
Order to get a soundtrack ready – CUETHEMUSIC
Pop singer Zayn formerly of One Direction – MALIK
Popular pen – BIC
President before D.D.E – HST
Relative who might visit for the holidays – INLAW
Relatives of rabbits – HARES
Religious offshoots – SECTS
Rest for a bit – TAKETEN
Rough, as criticism – HARSH
Sash for a kimono – OBI
Savings for the golden years, for short – IRA
Secret language – CODE
Singer with the 1972 hit ‘Heart of Gold’ – NEILYOUNG
Spring school dance – PROM
State where the Cotton Bowl is held – TEXAS
Suffix with cigar – ETTE
Superannuated – OLD
Talk, talk and then talk some more – YAK
There are four in a gallon: Abbr – QTS
Thumbs-up votes – AYES
Tinkler on a porch – WINDCHIME
Toddler – TOT
Variety – TYPE
Whistlers in the kitchen – TEAKETTLES
Wise man – SAGE
Word before ‘and ye shall receive’ – ASK
___ raving mad – STARK

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