New York Times Crossword 6th May 2017 Answers All Levels

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New York Times Crossword 6th May 2017 Friday Answers for All Levels and Packs. We’ve got the New York Times Crossword 6th May 2017 Cheats and Solutions to help you solve every stage. This game is created by New York Tiems and can be downloaded onto your iOS or Android device for free. If you’re a fan of crosswords than the New York Times is a must play for anyone who’s a crossword savvy person. Whether you’re struggling on one word or multiple we’ve got you covered with all the solutions.

If you own an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device you’re in luck as you can head straight on over to either the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store now and pick up this game completely free. If you’re struggling on a level than don’t hesitate to use our walkthrough game guide which will help you finish the game in no time.

New York Times crossword

New York Times Crossword 6th May 2017 Answers All Levels

“Peaky Blinders” network, with “the” – BEEB
“Way to go!” – ATTABOY
1924 novel set during the British Raj – APASSAGETOINDIA
1962 John Wayne film set in Africa – HATARI
1967 self-titled folk album – JOAN
Abruzzi town in a Longfellow poem – ATRI
Amp setting – TREBLE
Ancient mariners – NORSE
Anne Frank’s father – OTTO
Attack from above – STRAFE
Band letters – AMFM
Beneficial berry – ACAI
Big Macks – SEMIS
Bit of mischief – LARK
Blueblood, informally – ARISTO
Bon Ami competitor – AJAX
British prime minister during two millennia – BLAIR
Call out – HOLLER
Challenge for srs. – SATS
Chocolate __ – LAB
Cloud __ – NINE
Commercial word after “open,” perhaps – UNTIL
Con __: briskly, on scores – MOTO
Controlled – RODEHERDON
Crime author Cornwell – PATRICIA
Crossing the keel – ABEAM
Diner owner __ Lee on “2 Broke Girls” – HAN
Eleanor Roosevelt’s real first name – ANNA
Extra-wide spec – EEE
Flat-screen predecessors – CRTS
Gets moving – HIES
Greeting carrier – NOTECARD
Harem rooms – ODAS
Hot skillet sound – SSS
Imagine – IDEATE
It may be spontaneous – COMBUSTION
It replaced “Court” in a TV channel name – TRU
It, in Italy – ESSA
Jonquil and daffodil – NARCISSI
Language that gave us “galore” – ERSE
Leaves alone – LETSBE
Letters after Sen. Schumer’s name – DNY
Licorice-flavored brew – ANISETEA
Metal precioso – ORO
Mil. VIP – CIC
Mohawk’s confederacy – IROQUOIS
One may be thrown in anger – FIT
One of the Ivies – PENN
Palate cleansers – SHERBETS
Perfectly – TOATURN
Pizza Hut’s Texas headquarters – PLANO
Prepare for a transplant – UNPOT
Proper – RIGHT
Pudding starch – SAGO
Silly question starter? – ASKA
Somme co. – CIE
Somme time – ETE
Suits – EXECS
Supper, say – REPAST
Surfing need, briefly – ISP
Team builders – TRYOUTS
They were in it but didn’t win it – ALSORANS
Uncomplicated – ELEMENTARY
What may be seen before long – ERE
Willing subjects? – ESTATES
Without delay – THISSECOND
Wrestling hold – NELSON
Yeats’ yet – EEN