New York Times Crossword 5th May 2017 Answers All Levels

New York Times Crossword 5th May 2017 Friday Answers for All Levels and Packs. We’ve got the New York Times Crossword 5th May 2017 Cheats and Solutions to help you solve every stage. This game is created by New York Tiems and can be downloaded onto your iOS or Android device for free. If you’re a fan of crosswords than the New York Times is a must play for anyone who’s a crossword savvy person. Whether you’re struggling on one word or multiple we’ve got you covered with all the solutions.

If you own an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device you’re in luck as you can head straight on over to either the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store now and pick up this game completely free. If you’re struggling on a level than don’t hesitate to use our walkthrough game guide which will help you finish the game in no time.

New York Times crossword

New York Times Crossword 5th May 2017 Answers All Levels

__ boots – UGG
___ soup – MISO

1962 Organization of American States expellee – CUBA
Agricultural outfit – OVERALLS
Banded metamorphic rock – GNEISS
Cantina offerings – TAPAS
Cathedral feature – VAULT
Contend – AVER
Conversation piece? – SOUNDBITE
Crown cover – DORAG
De facto – REAL
Dummkopf – DODO
Early automotive pioneer – OLDS
Earthworm trappers – MOLES
Emancipation proclamation – YOUREFREETOGO
End of a cause? – LIB
Extend – PROLONG
Firth of “The King’s Speech” – COLIN
Follows the game? – HUNTS
France’s patron saint – DENIS
Gefilte fish option – CARP
Golf cart foursome – TIRES
Grate catches? – HEELS
Instructions on where to go? – HOUSETRAINING
Lay-by : England :: ___ : America – RESTAREA
LeBron James, by birth – OHIOAN
Lively wit – ESPRIT
Make a hash of – MISDO
Missionaries’ targets – PAGANS
Musical group with “energy domes” – DEVO
Necromancers – MAGES
Neologism coined by Cole Porter – DELOVELY
No need to trouble yourself – IGOTTHIS

Opportunity’s on it – MARS
Part of an armada – SHIPOFTHELINE
Performing for an audience – ONSTAGE
Pole topper – ICECAP
Radisson rival – RAMADA
Reports of gunfire? – BANGBANG
Restless sort – GADABOUT
River bisecting Orsk – URAL
Road map abbr. – AVE
Ruler’s role – MEASURING
Scoopers for taramasalata – PITAS
Scratch – DINERO
Sea that Homer called “wine-dark” – AEGEAN
Seven ___ (Civil War battle site) – PINES
She understands her business better than we do, per Montaigne – NATURE
Shut out – DEBAR
Song whose opening lyric translates to “What a beautiful thing is a sunny day” – OSOLEMIO
Squad cmdr. – SGT
Substance used in Egyptian mummification – RESIN
Surname of TV’s “Hot Lips” – HOULIHAN
They meet at a summit – HILLSIDES
Things mailed without a label? – DEMOTAPES
Things that take guts? – ECOLI
Title role for Bryan Cranston in a 2015 biopic – TRUMBO
Total – RUNTO
Unaided – ALONE
White notes in Monopoly – ONES
Who said “I’m so mean I make medicine sick” – ALI
Withdraws, with “out” – OPTS
Word of agreement that sounds like a pronoun – OUI
World’s oldest currency still in use – POUNDSTERLING

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