Movie Mania

Movie Mania Movie Pop Quiz Answers All Levels

Movie Mania A Movie Pop Quiz and Trivia Game Answers, Cheats and Solutions to ALL levels. Developed by ‘The Wild Labs’, Guys who also brought us ‘Color Mania’ and other addicting fun games available both on iTunes and Google Play. Movie Mania features over 100 levels and relates to anything and everything to movie’s, Be it from Stars to actual films. How’s your knowledge on famous movies?

You can pick up Movie Mania from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and most Android devices, Free. So whether it be a classic film or a newly released film such as ‘Superman vs Batman’ We’ll find out below. Let’s film our way into the Movie Mania: A movie pop quiz and trivia game Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels.


Level 1: Iron Man
Level 2: Anchorman
Level 3: Superbad
Level 4: Sherlock Holmes
Level 5: The Avengers
Level 6: The Great Gatsby
Level 7: Wreck It Ralph
Level 8: Zoolander
Level 9: Megamind
Level 10: ET
Level 11: Avatar
Level 12: Black Swan
Level 13: American Physco
Level 14: Borat
Level 15: Harry Potter
Level 16: Ice Age
Level 17: Princes Diaries
Level 18: Spider Man
Level 19: Ratatouille
Level 20: Star Trek
Level 21: Men In Black
Level 22: The Matrix
Level 23: Transformers
Level 24: 300
Level 25: Castaway
Level 26: Lion Kink
Level 27: Inception
Level 28: V For Vendetta
Level 29: Ted
Level 30: Ghost Rider
Level 31: X-Men
Level 32: Toy Story
Level 33: Scream
Level 34: Twilight
Level 35: The Godfather
Level 36: American Beauty
Level 37: Ps I Love You
Level 38: Captain America
Level 39: Hachi
Level 40: Fight Club
Level 41: Jaws
Level 42: Titanic
Level 43: Up
Level 44: Walk The Line
Level 45: Yes Man
Level 46: Wall E
Level 47: Elf
Level 48: Dreamgirls
Level 49: Finding Nemo
Level 50: Broken City
Level 51: Gladiator
Level 52: Into The Wild
Level 53: Karate Kid
Level 54: First Dates
Level 55: Pans Labyrinth
Level 56: Madagascar
Level 57: Office Space
Level 58: Takes
Level 59: The Dark Knight
Level 60: Hunger Games
Level 61: Kung Fu Panda
Level 62: Les Les Misérables
Level 63: Oceans 11
Level 64: Precious
Level 65: Rush Hour
Level 66: Star Wars
Level 67: Home Alone
Level 68: The Artist
Level 69: Shutter Island
Level 70: Forrest Gump
Level 71: Gran Torino
Level 72: Sweeney Todd
Level 73: Superman
Level 74: Mystic River
Level 75: Pitch Perfect
Level 76: Orphan
Level 77: I Am Legend
Level 78: Kick Ass
Level 79: Indiana Jones
Level 80: Life of Pi
Level 81: Love Actually
Level 82: Amelie
Level 83: Closer
Level 84: Easy A
Level 85: Grease
Level 86: Kill Bill
Level 87: Hannibal Rising
Level 88: Juno
Level 89: Mary And Max
Level 90: Peter Pan
Level 91: Moonrise Kingdom
Level 92: Scarface
Level 93: Resident Evil
Level 94: The Departed
Level 95: Tron
Level 96: An Education
Level 97: Brave
Level 98: Chicago
Level 99: Da Vinci Code
Level 100: Fantastic Four


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