Move The Walls iOS Game – App Review and Cheats

Move The Walls is a fun new iOS game which will keep you at the edge of your seat as you gain frustration trying to play it. Move the Walls is created by BeaverTapGames and is insanely addicting yet quite mind puzzling at that. The game may seem easy as you fly through the first few tutorial barriers however once those helpful hints disappear, You’re left on your own to survive this dreadful dreadful mind buzz.

Move the Walls will require you to be this quite green triangle as you soar your way through this spiky barriers in which you will need to swipe in the correct position to move out of your one directional spaceship’s path. This may sound easy however can get extremely difficult. Our highest score is 34, Whats yours? Post in the comments below if you think you can beat us (Psst, Doubt it :P). Got this real high score but die? Don’t worry, The guys at BeaverTapGames will give you a free continue of your game if you watch of their sponsored videos, Good trade off in our opinion.

move the walls highscore

You’ve heard enough? Want it? Check out the link below (Button) for a download link to this hit new craze sweeping the iTunes App Store now. You can pick it up for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and many Android devices now for FREEEEEE, Wooh. We do not currently have any cheats for Move the Walls however if you feel you have a tip or hint please post it below and credit will be given were credit is deserved.

That’s it from us, Try and beat our highscore and if you can post it below as we’ll need to step up our game and beat you. Thanks for reading and hope to see you back here at again soon. Thank you!


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