Magic Words Answers and Cheats All Levels

Must have the Magic Words Answers for all levels? Luckily we’ve solved and completed the Magic Words Cheats to bring you this full walkthrough game guide to help you not only finish this game but also to have fun at the same time. This game is created by Clever Apps. Similar to that of ‘Word Cookies‘. It’s your task to solve each level which there are 23 packs with each containing 15 levels, That’s a lot. Solve the word by dragging your finger along the chosen letters to form the right word, Find the correct word below in our game guide.

If you’ve stumbled upon this page and unaware of this great game then you can head straight on over to either the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store now and pick up with game completely free on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Samsung/Android device. If you’ve tried your best on this word trivia game and simply can’t get past anymore levels then use our walkthrough game guide down below to get all the solutions one person can possibly take.

Magic Words Answers All Levels

*Extra Words

Magic Words Episode 1 Answers

#1: For, Form, From
#2: Pen, Pie, Pin, Pine, *Nip
#3: End, Net, Ten, Dent, Tend, *Den, *Ted
#4: Are, Ear, Era, Her, Hare, Hear, *Rah
#5: Lie, Evil, Live, Veil, Vile *Vie, *Lei
#6: Act, Cat, Sat, Acts, Cast, Cats, *Sac, *Scat
#7: Eat, Let, Tea, Late, Tale, *Ale, *Ate, *Teal
#8: Age, Gas, Sea, Ages, Sage, *Sag
#9: Act, Cat, Fat, Fact, *Aft
#10: Now, Own, Son, Won, Owns, Snow, *Sow, *Sown
#11: Are, Ear, Era, Rare, Rear, *Err
#12: Air, Car, Arch, Hair, Rich, Chair, *Arc, *Char, *Rah
#13: Den, End, Pen, Send, Spend, *Dens, *Ends, *Sped, *Pens
#14: Age, Eat, Get, Tag, Tea, Gate, *Ate
#15: Net, Ten, Rent, Teen, Tree, Enter, *Tee, *Nee, *Ere, *Tern

Magic Words Episode 2 Answers

#1: Beg, Big, Bin, Gen, Gin, Begin, Being, *Binge, *Gibe, *Nib
#2: And, Ant, Sad, Sat, Tan, Ants, Sand, Stand, *Ads, *Tad, *Tans
#3: Net, Rye, Ten, Try, Yet, Rent, Entry, *Yer, *Tern, *Tyre, *Yen
#4: Peg, Per, Rug, Pure, Urge, Purge, *Rue, *Pug, *Reg, *Rep
#5: Ale, Awe, Hew, Law, Hale, Heal, Weal, Whale, *Awl, *Haw, *Lah
#6: Arm, May, Oar, Ray, Army, Roam, Mayor, Moray, *Ram, *Mar, *Mayo, *Yam
#7: Don, Nod, Pun, Pond, Undo, Upon, Pound, *Dun, *Duo, *Pod, *Pud
#8: Ere, Fee, Few, Wee, Free, Reef, Were, Fewer, *Ref, *Ewe, *Ewer
#9: Let, Lye, Set, Yes, Yet, Lest, Lets, Style, *Sly, *Sty, *Stye
#10: Ark, Ash, Ask, Has, Hark, Rash, Shark, *Harks, *Rah, *Ska
#11: Dam, Day, Lad, Lay, Mad, May, Lady, Madly, *Dal, *Lam, *Yam
#12: Hot, Hut, Out, Tum, Moth, Mouth, *Tho, *Hum, *Ohm, *Tom, *Thou
#13: Doe, Err, Ode, Ore, Red, Rod, Rode, Order, *Doer, *Redo, *Roe
#14: Hip, His, Sip, Chip, Hips, Ship, Chips, *Spic
#15: Ale, One, Lane, Lean, Loan, Lone, Alone, *Ole, *Aeon, *Aloe, *Elan, *Eon

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