Love Balls Full Game Walkthrough

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     Love Balls is a funny puzzle game developed by SuperTapx. The objective in this game is to draw lines or shapes in order to meet the two balls with each other. Your only goal is to make the two love balls meet and even though it sounds pretty possible and manoeuvrable that’s the whole purpose of the game.

     Love Balls may certainly be called one of the best free-to-play apps on the market. With the sensational amount of content and the limited in-app purchases, the game delivers the most probable amount of addictiveness and fun that an app game can give nowadays. The simple concept of the game gets trickier the further you go through the total of 276 levels. Till now the campaign includes 276 levels while new ones emerge constantly. The simplicity of the gameplay hides a surprisingly addictive game that allows you to use your own imagination to complete the levels. Draw any shape you can think of for as long as the result makes the two balls meet. The real challenge consists in trying to earn the maximum number of stars at every level (3 out of 3). This is strongly related with the amount of ink you’ll use to meet the balls and pass the level. The less ink you use, the better your score will be, while a star ranking will appear showing you if you could have done it better.

    The only available in-app purchase covers the ‘remove ads’ feature, which costs $3.99 and that would be the only expense for this game so far. There are also in-game coins which can be spent to unlock new pens, new skins as well as new backgrounds. It’s worth also mentioning that Love Balls has the sweetest musical background that fits the game’s tone perfectly. The simple graphics are pretty cute and along with the accessible gameplay they deliver an overly entertaining gaming experience.

    After completing the first screens that mostly serve as a tutorial, you’ll may begin drawing all sorts of curved lines to unite the two balls who happen to be in love with each other. Love Balls is an ideal game for mobile devices thanks to its simple gameplay. The app has reached the top of the charts on iOS, and is advancing with the same increase even on Android. Love Balls is a pretty simple game all around. Your only goal is to unite the two little separated coloured balls by drawing lines that would bring them together. It’s time to use your brain and find a way to bump the balls! If you get stuck in the game, check out the following video walkthroughs for 200 levels of the game:

Levels 1-200

Give Love Balls a try by downloading it with the links below:

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