Logic Path Full Game Walkthrough

     Logic Path is an innovative, perspective-based puzzle game developed by Mindsense Games. The goal in the game is to rotate and move the pieces around in order to create a clear path between all the cubes. Logic Path is suitable for all ages and the game can even be controlled with only one hand while being pretty easy to pick and play.

     Logic Path aims to calm and relax the player with exciting brain teasers. The game features over 100 levels which imply many hours of challenging gameplay. According to the developer himself, the biggest beauty of Logic Path extends in its minimalistic gameplay with no unnecessary elements, no interruptions and definitely no ads, but just a pure premium gameplay instead. The game displays minimalistic and colorful graphics that along with the calming music create a sweet atmosphere.

     The game is easy to seize while offering depth and challenge at the same time. The game’s simplicity is combined with a comforting soundtrack that makes playing, a calm, and relaxing experience while at the meantime inquiring and exciting. Logic Path presents increasingly difficult puzzles spread in over 100 levels. The puzzles start off simple but they become threatening as you move along. There are no high scores, no challenges, no time limits. You can try as much as you like to reach the solutions. To complete all of the challenges you will have to switch your brain into a new line of thinking. Unleash your creativity and complete all the puzzles of the game. It may sound easy but it’s really puzzling though. Logic Path will take you into a twisted world of illusions with calm and relaxing puzzles that will affect your perception for the puzzle games once and for all. You can rely on the following video walkthroughs with the solutions of all the 100 levels of the game:

Levels 1-100

Logic Path is available on Appstore for $0,99:

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